### Focus on Water Conservation and Cleanliness Campaign in Mahesh Navami Procession

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16 Jun 24
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### Focus on Water Conservation and Cleanliness Campaign in Mahesh Navami Procession

*Bhilwara,  Under the auspices of the Srinagar Maheshwari Sabha, a grand procession was organized today to celebrate the major festival of Mahesh Navami. A special tableau focusing on water harvesting was included at the end of the procession, delivering the message of "Water is Life" and emphasizing water conservation to the residents of Bhilwara. During the procession, plates and glasses used for refreshments were promptly cleaned, promoting cleanliness. At the Rameshwaram Maheshwari gathering, the message of not leaving food unfinished was emphasized with the slogan, "Take only as much as you need, don't let it go to waste." This year, the feast was made disposal-free to protect the environment. City President Kedar Gagrani and Secretary Sanjay Jagetia mentioned that these efforts aim to raise awareness about environmental conservation and maintain cleanliness.

Event coordinators Radheshyam Somani and Vice President Mahavir Samdani reported that notable personalities like former President of All India Maheshwari Mahasabha, Rampal Soni, State President Radheshyam Chechani, Kailash Kothari, Laduram Bangar, Gopal Rathi, Radhakishan Somani, Kedar Jagetia, Kedar Gagrani, Sanjay Jagetia, Ashok Baheti, Ramesh Rathi, and other officials led the procession. The Mahesh Navami procession started from Rajendra School, passing through Murli Vilas Road, Railway Station, Golpyau Chauraha, Balaji Market, and Subhash Market, before returning to Rajendra School. Various regional assemblies showered flowers and provided cold beverages to the participants along the route. Before the main procession, a bullet motorcycle rally featuring men and women in saffron turbans was a special attraction.

Suresh Birla and G.J. Rathi mentioned that for the first time, a large drone brought from Ajmer showered rose petals at every major intersection, including Railway Station, Government Gate, Golpyau Chauraha, Information Center, and Bhopal Club. The youth organizations, regional assemblies, and institutions enthusiastically welcomed the procession with floral showers along the route.

On the occasion of Mahesh Navami, the procession culminated in a grand feast at the Rameshwaram building, with eight buses arranged to transport community members free of charge. Eleven major intersections in Bhilwara city were decorated with lights, colorful fabrics, and multi-color "Jai Mahesh" slogans, becoming focal points of attraction.

Procession coordinator Udaylal Samdani stated that the procession started from Rajendra School, traversed main markets, and concluded back at Rajendra School. Men in white attire led the procession, while women in yellow sarees followed in the middle. The procession featured drums, mics, bands, elephants, and water harvesting tableaux. More than 101 welcome gates were set up by various institutions along the route.

Mahesh Navami was marked by grand celebrations and offerings at 16 different temples in Bhilwara, with simultaneous milk and grand abhishek (ritual bathing) of Lord Shiva's lingam at various locations. The main event took place at Gopal Dwara Temple at 5:30 AM, with other abhisheks starting at 7 AM and concluding with aarti at 9 AM. Key organizers included Gopal Lal Jagetia, Ashok Kabra, Ramnarayan Baheti, Ramesh Baheti, Badri Lal Rathi, Sanjay Lohoti, Rajesh Jagetia, Jamnalal Bangar, Shantilal Porwal, Rampal Lathi, Purushottam Jagetia, Satyanarayan Totla, and Rishabh Porwal.

Suresh Birla and G.J. Rathi mentioned that for the past 10 years, the Shree Maheshwari Society and Shree Bada Mandir Trust have organized a "Chappan Bhog" (56-dish offering) at Bada Mandir, thanks to the Dad family. The event included a devotional song session and the distribution of prasad (blessed food).

**18,000 Maheshwaris Gather for Grand Feast on Mahesh Navami**

At Rameshwaram Bhavan on Harni Mahadev Road, 18,000 community members participated in a grand feast. The event featured 22 counters managed by different regional assemblies, where Maheshwari community members served food. Key organizers included Abhijeet Sharda, Prahlad Nuval, Dinesh Peddiwal, Gopal Naraniwal, Bablu Lahoti, Manohar Ajmera, Kailash Inani, Manoj Nuval, Pramod Dad, Vinay Maheshwari, Rajendra Toshniwal, Seema Kogta, Preeti Lohia, Suman Soni, and Pankaj Porwal, among many others who ensured smooth arrangements.

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