Geetanjali Hospital Triumphs Over Tuberculosis

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07 Feb 24
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Geetanjali Hospital Triumphs Over Tuberculosis

Udaipur,  Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital in Udaipur recently achieved success in treating a 30-year-old patient from Banswara who was suffering from a stroke in the brain due to tuberculosis. The multidisciplinary approach at the hospital, led by the Neurology Department's team, including Neurologists Dr. Nishant Ashwani, Dr. Dhruv Vaja, Dr. Kalpesh, and the Neurosurgery and ICU staff, played a crucial role in the patient's recovery.

Details of the Case:

The patient, a resident of Banswara, had been experiencing severe headaches, fever, watery discharge from the ears, vomiting, and cough with blood-stained phlegm for the past month. Having previously sought treatment at a private hospital in Ahmedabad without improvement, the patient turned to Geetanjali Hospital. Upon examination, it was discovered that the patient's left ear was discharging, and there was a perforation in the eardrum. Further investigations revealed mastoiditis, leading to infection in the bone behind the ear. An MRI scan uncovered tuberculosis in the brain, causing symptoms of a stroke.

The Neurology and ENT specialists at Geetanjali Hospital, along with the ICU team, initiated treatment by admitting the patient to the Intensive Care Unit. The team's persistent efforts resulted in the successful treatment of the patient.

Dr. Nishant Ashwani stated that the patient has been under treatment for approximately two months, and he is now in good health, leading a normal daily routine.

Geetanjali Hospital, with its state-of-the-art facilities and a team of specialized experts in the Neurosciences Department, continues to provide solutions for complex medical issues. The hospital has been consistently delivering excellent and world-class healthcare services for the past 17 years, catering to the needs of the community and offering health services to those in need.

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