Plasma Exhibition Ignites Curiosity and Promotes STEM Education

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23 Apr 24
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Plasma Exhibition Ignites Curiosity and Promotes STEM Education

From April 15th to April 19th, 2024, the Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, in collaboration with the Institute of Plasma Research (IPR), organized an enlightening Plasma Exhibition. The objective of the exhibition was to spark curiosity among students and the general public about the intriguing realm of plasma, the fourth state of matter, and its potential applications.

Led by Dr. A V Ravi Kumar, Head of the Outreach Division at IPR, the scientist team, including Mr. Chetan Jariwala, Ms. Harsha Machchhar, Mr. Ramesh Babu Gattu, Mr. Narendra Singh Chauhan, Mr. Anand Kumar, and Mr. Rahul Vishwakrma, showcased 25 exhibits demonstrating various facets of plasma technology.

The exhibition featured enthusiastic student volunteers from Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, who underwent training from the IPR team to explain the exhibits to visitors effectively. Additionally, schools and academic institutions were encouraged to participate, with a focus on promoting STEM education and fostering interest in plasma science.

A special teacher training program was conducted, with 86 educators from different schools and colleges participating. The program aimed to equip teachers with knowledge about plasma science, enabling them to further educate and inspire their students in this cutting-edge field.

The Plasma Exhibition served as a platform to not only showcase the potential of plasma technology but also to engage and educate the community, furthering the cause of scientific exploration and education.

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