Amodini International Film Festival 2024 Kicks Off with Splendor

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11 Feb 24
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Amodini International Film Festival 2024 Kicks Off with Splendor

Jaipur, - The two-day multilingual extravaganza, Amodini International Film Festival, commenced at the Rajasthan International Convention Center in Jhalana, Jaipur, organized by Dola Foundation Social Welfare Trust.

Devjyoti Ray, the organizer, highlighted the festival's objective to celebrate unity through diversity, showcasing India's vibrant culture. The festival aims to empower individuals and enhance overall well-being by celebrating diversity.

The festival features screenings of 15 films in languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Malayalam, and German. The inaugural day began with the enlightening ceremony of Deep Prajwalit, setting the tone for subsequent screenings, including films like "Hindutva," "Deep Freeze," "Aazamgarh," "Adrishya," and "Matripaksh."

The first day also witnessed three panel discussions. Anju Bhatt led the first panel discussion on the "Religious Impact on the Indian Film Industry." The second panel, "Theatre: The Basics of Film and Media" moderated by Abhishek Mudgal, delved into the fundamental aspects of theater in film and media. The third panel focused on topics like "ISRO - The Girl Dreamed to be an Astronaut."

Sanjay Bhushan Patiala, the publicist for the festival, emphasized the diverse range of subjects discussed during the three panel discussions. The festival aims not only to provide a platform for film enthusiasts but also to delve into critical discussions about the societal impact of cinema.

The festival promises to be a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and cinematic excellence, promoting a sense of togetherness through its diverse film offerings and engaging discussions.

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