Shri Bhakti Dham Ashram, gave the message of Yoga and Sanatan Dharma on foreign soil

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12 Apr 24
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Shri Bhakti Dham Ashram, gave the message of Yoga and Sanatan Dharma on foreign soil

For the last 10 days, Saint Shri Chetan Ramji Maharaj, through his sermons, has been awakening the flame of Sanatan and teaching the tricks of Yoga in the foreign lands of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mauritius, etc. and is advising all the Indians sitting abroad to stay connected to Sanatan and to God. Inspired to live life with devotion,


Saint Shri Chetanram Ji Maharaj had adopted the attitude of devotion and sadhana since childhood and from the age of 6, he devoted his entire life towards devotion and cow service, and now at many places in India, apart from many states, Outside India, people are also blowing the trumpet of devotion, cow service, yoga and Sanatan on foreign soil. He remains awake day and night, going from village to village, city to city, for the welfare of the people. Maharaj said that when God gives us a saintly life, he also gives us responsibilities which are for the welfare of the people and for taking birth on this earth. All living beings are a part of God. Every person should worship God while doing work in life. During an interview in Mauritius, he said, 'All devotees should keep informing their coming generations about spirituality and Sanatan culture. Your children. One should keep giving the teachings of Sanatan. Only the saint of India and Sanatan Dharma can give you awakening, only he will inspire you from the evil path towards the right path… Because there is devotion within the saint and where there is devotion, there is definitely mercy, hence the saint starts worrying. The youth of India have to be awakened from time to time. So that their life and that of the coming generation remains happy and virtuous. That is why the saints of India leave their meditation practice and come among the people.

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