53rd Security Week Concludes with Pledge Against Unsafe Practices at Zinc Smelter Debari

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15 Mar 24
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Awareness and Implementation of Security Essential - Pawan Kumar Goyal

53rd Security Week Concludes with Pledge Against Unsafe Practices at Zinc Smelter Debari

While we all may know and understand the importance of security, it is crucial to put that knowledge into practice. In our personal lives, awareness and understanding of security are vital to keeping ourselves and our families safe. These sentiments were expressed by Deputy Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Pawan Kumar Goyal, during the closing ceremony of the 53rd National Security Week held at the Zinc Smelter Debari.

He emphasized that negligence towards security can lead us into difficult situations. We all must remain committed to being aware of safety regulations to prevent accidents.

The program began with the lighting of lamps in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswati by the guests, followed by a pledge to uphold security. Speaking on the occasion, SBM Director Manas Tyagi of Zinc Smelter Debari said that we should never overlook unsafe practices, and the initiative for security must begin from ourselves and our homes. Before undertaking any task, we should consider safe methods, which can lead us to zero accidents and zero harm goals. Changes in our behavior are necessary.

Senior Secretary of the Labor Union, Prakash Shrimaal, appealed to the employees and officials present to cooperate in the national security program, emphasizing that there should be no negligence towards security in any form, and security should always be a priority.

Chief of Security and Environment, Digamber Patil, welcomed all the guests and informed them about the security demonstrations and programs conducted throughout the year, along with initiatives for home and road safety in collaboration with industry, community, and administration. During the Security Week, various awareness and training programs on security were conducted, along with messages on security awareness through street plays. Winners were felicitated by the guests, and representatives of all business partners, labor union officials, zinc officers, and employees were present at the occasion.

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