### Ghatawali Mataji Farmer Producer Company Sets an Example of Empowerment w

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02 Jun 24
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Gauyam' Making a Mark in Milk Production

### Ghatawali Mataji Farmer Producer Company Sets an Example of Empowerment w

Udaipur: The journey that began with small steps can become a beacon of success through hard work and determination. This is exemplified by the women-led dairy, Ghatawali Mataji Farmer Producer Company, which achieved a turnover of Rs 1 crore in the financial year 2023-24. This demonstrates a twofold increase from the Rs 54 lakh revenue in 2022-23, within just two years of its operation.

Traditionally, farmers in Bichhadi, Debari, primarily engaged in animal husbandry and considered dairy a reliable source of income. As a primarily cash-driven dairy industry, farmers supplied milk to local dairy cooperatives.

Under Hindustan Zinc's Samadhan project, the Ghatawali Mataji Farmer Producer Company is a farmer-led dairy micro-enterprise established in the fiscal year 2022-2023 in Bichhadi village, Debari, Udaipur district. The micro-enterprise unit safeguards the interests of its member suppliers by connecting them to the market throughout the year, ensuring timely payments and sustainable income. The FPO collects milk from its shareholders and delivers clean milk and distinctive dairy-based products under the 'Gauyam' brand to the public in Udaipur city. The fiscal year 2023-24 marked a significant milestone for the company, achieving a sales turnover of Rs 1 crore, demonstrating a substantial increase from Rs 54 lakh in 2022-23 within two years of operation.

Starting with just 10 liters per day, the company has procured 2.15 lakh liters of milk this year, selling 2.12 lakh liters of fresh milk, with the remainder used for processed products. Currently, the company sells fresh milk, cream-based ghee, bilona ghee, curd, buttermilk, paneer, mawa, and khoya.

Now, farmers receive payment for their milk within 10 days, directly credited to their individual bank accounts. To ensure and maintain the best quality, various tests are conducted in the laboratory, such as adulteration tests, CMT for urea, and titratable acidity. The dairy has significantly contributed to increasing the income of registered farmers within two years of operation.

An example is Shyamu Bai, a resident of Bichhadi village and a board member of Ghatawali Mataji FPO. Through regular meetings and information sharing on agriculture and livestock practices, she now feels empowered and confident in her decision-making. Besides selling milk daily, Shyamu Bai makes ghee, buttermilk, paneer, and curd for household consumption, fulfilling her nutritional needs. The income from milk sales is primarily used for household expenses, purchasing fodder for livestock, and her children's education.

Shyamu Bai Dangi states that she has been associated with Ghatawali Mataji FPO for 2 years and sells milk to the dairy, receiving timely payments along with dividends from the FPO. She purchases animal feed from the agriculture service center and uses artificial insemination services under the Samadhan project to improve her cattle's breed, resulting in better quality calves. She also benefits from the animal health camps operated under the Samadhan project, which help maintain the health of her livestock and reduce veterinary expenses.

Hindustan Zinc's Samadhan project, operated in collaboration with BAIF since 2016, has benefited over 30,000 farmers.

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