Lok Sabha general elections draw near in 2024

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15 Feb 24
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Lok Sabha general elections draw near in 2024

Jaipur,  As the Lok Sabha general elections draw near in 2024, Rajasthan has witnessed a significant surge in voter registration, with more than 5.32 crore voters enlisted thus far. This marks an increase of approximately 46 lakh voters compared to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The voter registration drive has been particularly successful in engaging the youth, with over 15 lakh individuals aged 18-19 now part of the electoral roll.

In comparison to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, there has been a notable growth of 9.48% in the overall number of registered voters. Additionally, the registration of female voters has seen an increase of 9.7% since the previous elections.

The Election Department of Rajasthan published the final voter lists for all 199 assembly constituencies in the state on February 8, 2024, with the revision program, 'Vishes Sankshipt Punarikshan Karyakram-2024 (SSR 2024),' conducted before the upcoming general elections. The detailed voter lists were scrutinized and revised for accuracy and inclusivity.

The voter registration data, which exceeds 5.32 crore individuals, showcases the vibrant diversity of voters in the state. The election authorities have emphasized the collaborative efforts made for inclusive participation, drafting detailed plans, and ensuring coordination with all stakeholders.

As the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections continue, the Election Department encourages eligible voters to continue the registration process, providing an opportunity for more individuals to exercise their democratic right in the upcoming polls.

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