What if Udaipur doesn't become Bengaluru?

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14 May 24
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Local authorities must take action first.

What if Udaipur doesn't become Bengaluru?

During the swearing-in ceremony of Subhash in the Bharat Vikas Parishad, Regional Head Dr. PC Jain expressed concern that despite having 271 lakes in Bengaluru, the city is facing a severe water crisis. He emphasized that here in Udaipur, with only eight lakes, if rainwater harvesting isn't prioritized and rooftop rainwater harvesting systems aren't installed, we might soon find ourselves in a situation similar to Bengaluru's.

He urged the presence of Councilor Tara Chand Jain to initiate rainwater recharge systems through hand pumps and tube wells established by the Municipality, Development Trust, and District Council. Dr. Jain urged them to set an example by demonstrating the installation of rainwater recharge systems in front of the public, motivating them to recharge groundwater from rainwater. He highlighted that the municipality is the only branch where most members have installed rainwater harvesting systems, and this year, even more members have pledged to install water harvesting systems.

During the program, Dr. AC Jain, Rishabh Jain, RL Jain, Mahesh Baya, Rajshree Gandhi, and other officials were present.

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