Maheshwari Women's Gaurav Celebrates Five Festivals

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01 Apr 24
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Maheshwari Women's Gaurav Celebrates Five Festivals

Udaipur: Members of the Maheshwari Women's Gaurav celebrated a total of five traditional festivals, from Holi to Gangaur, with great fervor and enthusiasm at a private resort today.

Secretary Seema Lahoti explained that 12 teams of 12 women each were formed for the festivities. The Holi team dressed in vibrant colors, played with water and colors, and celebrated with enthusiasm. During the Rang Panchami celebration, two women dressed as Radha and Krishna played with colors and engaged in playful activities such as throwing colored powder and enjoying fruits. Members of the Sheetal Mata team, dressed in yellow saris, performed a ritualistic worship of Sheetal Mata with brooms and a pitcher, followed by the distribution of sweets.

Women dressed in Chundari saris performed the Dashamata Puja, sang hymns, and finally, adorned the Eesari and Gangaur idols, followed by a procession. The organization's coordinator, Kaushalya Gattani, was honored during the event. The decisive victory in both Rang Panchami and Gangaur celebrations went to Renuka Baheti's team.

The event was hosted by Rekha Devpura. Several members, including Sarita Nyati, Nirmala Kabra, Kanta Dad, Ankita, Reema, Prachi, Kala Gattani, and Shanta Soman, were present at the occasion.

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