Cambridge International Courses Beneficial for Comprehensive Development of Children,

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02 Apr 24
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Cambridge International Courses Beneficial for Comprehensive Development of Children,

Udaipur: A grand event organized in the school premises by DPS Udaipur saw a warm welcome from parents and educators to Arjun Rajmani, the Managing Director of Cambridge International Board, South Asia, along with other officials. Rajmani highlighted during the occasion that the courses offered by Cambridge University from primary classes to grade 12 are proving to be quite beneficial for the comprehensive development of students. Today, they were engaging in a discussion with parents regarding the Cambridge University courses associated with DPS.

He emphasized that the first 18 to 36 months of a child's life are crucial for their development. The environment of the school after a child enters plays a significant role in their development. Currently, there are various changes happening in the educational system globally where CBSE and Cambridge focus on bringing out the complete personality of children through their unique approach to education.

Expressing gratitude to the Vice Chairman of DPS Udaipur, Govind Agrawal, Rajmani noted that DPS Udaipur is the first school in Udaipur to initiate the Early Years Program. He commended the efforts of Cambridge in the school and highlighted that prioritizing CIE assessment for early years children is a commendable initiative, which only a few schools have undertaken.

Principal Sanjay Narwaria mentioned that in such a short span, the Cambridge team of the school is also being trained by HRDC of DPS Society, Noida, New Delhi, to excel in their academic knowledge. This collaborative effort between the Cambridge International Board and DPS Society is ensuring that all teachers are continuously trained in their respective subjects to prepare them for the specific tasks related to children's education.

This initiative aims to prepare teachers to provide specialized tasks in their subjects to children, ultimately enhancing their educational experience.

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