Creating Technologically Advanced and Morally Grounded Children's Literature:

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18 Feb 24
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Creating Technologically Advanced and Morally Grounded Children's Literature:

Children's literature has always served the dual purpose of entertaining and educating young minds. Stories, poems, illustrations, and cartoon magazines have captured children's interest for centuries. Today's authors draw inspiration from popular children's magazines like Champak, Bal Bharati, Chandamama, Lotpot, and Nandan, fostering creativity in their early years and influencing their literary creations.

Discussing the landscape of children's literature, eminent literary figure Bhagwati Prasad Gautam emphasizes the need for modern children's literature to connect with the present environment. In an interview with the prolific children's literature author, Dr. Krishna Kumari, Gautam explores the evolution of children's literature and its role in shaping the character and values of the younger generation.

Children's literature, according to Bhagwati Prasad Gautam, should entertain children while also imparting knowledge, developing their imagination, and instilling ethical values. He stresses the importance of aligning literature with contemporary advancements in technology to engage children effectively. The goal is to create literature that connects with the virtual world, fostering a balance between entertainment and learning.

When asked about the fundamental differences observed in children's literature written in his time compared to the present, Gautam notes that literature evolves naturally with changing times. He acknowledges the impact of technological advancements, stating that literature, like society, undergoes changes. In the age of communication revolution and technology, children's literature has adapted to engage with the virtual world effectively.

Dr. Krishna Kumari, a prominent author in the field of children's literature and a founder member of the Jawaharlal Nehru Bal Sahitya Akademi in Rajasthan, shares her insights on the Academy's role in encouraging and promoting children's literature. She highlights the significant contributions of the Academy in fostering the development of children's literature by organizing competitions and providing recognition to young authors and their creations.

In response to a question about the future of children's literature, Dr. Krishna Kumari expresses optimism, stating that the future looks bright. She believes that there is a growing trend of creating high-quality, child-friendly literature on a broad scale. Children's literature is evolving to cater to the diverse needs of young readers, providing engaging and educational content.

The interview reveals the dynamic nature of children's literature and its vital role in shaping the minds of young readers. With a focus on merging technology with ethical values, authors like Dr. Krishna Kumari are contributing to the creation of literature that entertains, educates, and instills moral values in the younger generation. The future of children's literature holds promise, driven by the commitment of authors and organizations like the Jawaharlal Nehru Bal Sahitya Akademi.

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