Commemorative Celebration of Literature and Culture

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03 Mar 24
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A Report on Sahitya Mandal Srinathdwara's Festival

 Commemorative Celebration of Literature and Culture

A vibrant tapestry of literary enthusiasts from across the nation gathered at the Sahitya Mandal Srinathdwara's festival, held on the 6th and 7th of January, to pay homage to the Hindi language luminary, Bhagwati Prasad Devpura, on the tenth anniversary of his passing. This commemorative celebration not only honored the legacy of a language pioneer but also served as a platform for discussions on the development of Hindi language and literature.

The festival witnessed an array of programs, including discussions on Bhagwati Prasad Devpura's contributions, various cultural events, an All India Kavi Sammelan, an exhibition showcasing children's magazines, book launches, and the felicitation of esteemed litterateurs. The event was orchestrated by Sahitya Mandal Srinathdwara, and its success was a testament to the dedication of the organizing team, led by Shyam Prakash Devpura.

The inaugural session set the tone for the literary extravaganza, with guests lighting lamps on the images of Maa Saraswati, Shrinath ji, Ganapati, and the late Bhagwati Prasad. Notable figures, including Sahitya Mandal Prime Minister Shyam Prakash Devpura, Jagdish Chandra Sharma, Rameshwar Sharma 'Ramu Bhaiya,' and others, highlighted Bhagwati Prasad Devpura's influence on Hindi language and literature.

Discussions delved into the establishment of the Sahitya Mandal in 1938, the promotion of Ashtachhap poets' literature, and the significant impact of Bhagwati Prasad Devpura's writings. The importance of connecting the new generation with books was emphasized by Vikas Dave, the President of Sahitya Akademi Bhopal. Other speakers praised the efforts of children's writers in sensitizing the younger generation.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singhal, former joint director of the Information and Public Relations Department of Rajasthan, highlighted the energizing effect of such celebrations on literature. Sahitya Mandal President Madan Mohan Sharma stressed the centrality of language to culture, emphasizing the need to preserve Hindi for the preservation of culture.

The festival featured numerous titles and decorations conferred upon individuals for their significant contributions to Hindi language, literature, and culture. Nathulal Devpura and Mrs. Bhanwari Devi Chaplot Nathdwara received the Centenary Award, while various Sahitya Samman and Smriti Samman were presented to recognize excellence in different literary categories.

The event concluded with a sense of pride and fulfillment, leaving participants with unforgettable memories and a renewed enthusiasm for literature and culture. The festival's success was a testament to the enduring impact of Bhagwati Prasad Devpura and the collective efforts of Sahitya Mandal Srinathdwara in promoting and preserving the rich tapestry of Hindi language and literature.

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