Medical Miracle: 3-Year-Old Girl Saved from Choking on Corn Kernel

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15 May 24
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Medical Miracle: 3-Year-Old Girl Saved from Choking on Corn Kernel

Udaipur, Doctors at Pacific Medical College & Hospital, specializing in ear, nose, and throat disorders, have successfully removed a corn kernel lodged in the windpipe of a 3-year-old girl, giving her a new lease on life.

Riya, a resident of Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, accidentally swallowed a corn kernel, which became stuck in her windpipe. This led to persistent coughing, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Concerned family members rushed her to the emergency ward of Pacific Medical College & Hospital.

Upon examination by Dr. Shiv Kaushik, an ENT specialist, it was discovered that the girl had a foreign object resembling a seed lodged in the airway between both lungs, causing breathing difficulties.

Immediate surgery was imperative. Without delay, the medical team conducted a bronchoscopy and successfully removed the corn kernel. Dr. S.S. Kaushik, Dr. Richa Gupta, Dr. Prakash Auditya, Dr. Sameer Goyal, along with their team, played a crucial role in the successful operation.

Dr. Shiv Kaushik explained that typically, in such cases, doctors perform surgery to remove the obstructing object. However, given the child's tender age, conventional surgery was not feasible. Subsequently, the medical team opted to extract the lodged corn kernel using an endoscope through the mouth while the child was under anesthesia.

Dr. Shiv Kaushik emphasized that any delay in surgery could have led to the corn kernel swelling, potentially blocking the airway and endangering the child's life.

The family expressed gratitude to PMC's Chairman, Rahul Agrawal, Executive Director Aman Agrawal, all the doctors, management, nursing staff, and the entire hospital team for their prompt and efficient intervention.

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