Paras Hospitals Successfully Treats Premature Twins in 28 Weeks

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03 May 24
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Paras Hospitals Successfully Treats Premature Twins in 28 Weeks

Udaipur: In an extraordinary case of premature birth (preterm birth), twins were born after only 28 weeks of gestation. At the time of birth, the weight of these babies was merely 800 grams and 690 grams, respectively. Typically, babies born between 37 weeks have a normal weight of around 2.5 kilograms, but in this case, the weight was less than a kilogram. In India, babies born before 28 weeks are not usually considered viable, but these babies were born at 28 weeks.

Emergency delivery of the twins was performed by Dr. Sheetal Kaushik, Senior Consultant in Gynecology & Obstetrics. Immediately after birth, the infants faced severe complications due to premature lung development. They required intubation, ventilation, and surfactant therapy to support their respiratory function. Despite the challenges of low birth weight and early lung development, Dr. Ashish Thite, Neonatologist at Paras Health Udaipur, provided treatment and administered surfactant therapy, which proved to be a crucial treatment for the prematurely born babies, aiding in the development of their respiratory system.

Dr. Thite stated, "The birth of these extremely low-weight twins posed several challenges, including cardiac and neurological issues, infections, and gastrointestinal problems." Despite these difficulties, the doctors at Paras Health worked tirelessly for nearly two months to stabilize the twins. Gradually, they were weaned off respiratory support and shifted to oral feeding. Currently, the boy weighs 1,840 grams, and the girl weighs 1,940 grams. This improvement in weight is a testament to the exceptional care provided by Paras Health.

Dr. Thite further added, "This case is an exemplary example of the dedication of the Paras Health team and the application of the latest advancements in neonatal care. With proper treatment and unwavering support from the team, even the most fragile preterm infants can overcome serious challenges and lead healthy lives."

Paras Health provided emotional and financial support to the family. The success of this case highlights the importance of high-quality neonatal care, especially in regions where premature birth rates are high, emphasizing the critical role of neonatal care.

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