Paras Health :A New Lease of Life for a Hydatid Disease Patient

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15 Apr 24
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Paras Health :A New Lease of Life for a Hydatid Disease Patient

Hydatid disease, characterized by the formation of cysts in various parts of the body, caused by the larvae of a parasite, can be life-threatening. A patient afflicted with this condition, experiencing high fever, abdominal pain, and severe body ache, sought treatment at Paras Health, Udaipur. Upon examination, it was discovered that the patient had been infected with larvae in the abdomen and other parts of the body due to the presence of cysts. With utmost caution, the healthcare specialists at Paras Health, Udaipur, successfully saved the patient's life through complex surgery.

Dr. Abhishek Vyas, Consultant in Laparoscopic, General, and Bariatric Surgery at Paras Health, Udaipur, explained that the patient was in a critical condition upon arrival. A CT scan revealed a ruptured cyst and the spread of infection throughout the body via the bloodstream. This was a dangerous situation as a ruptured cyst could lead to a severe allergic reaction, posing a risk of fatality. The patient's condition was grave, necessitating immediate surgical intervention.

The surgery lasted approximately 4-5 hours as the specialists worked diligently to remove all infections caused by the larvae. Following the procedure, the patient was stabilized. Post-diagnosis, Dr. Abhishek Vyas conducted further investigations into the infection caused by the larvae, identifying it as Echinococcus granulosus, commonly known as a tapeworm. These parasites are typically transmitted to humans through the feces of infected animals, particularly sheep and dogs. Individuals working in fields are at high risk of contracting this infection. These parasites can enter the body through the consumption of contaminated food, primarily salads, and can also travel to vital organs such as the liver, lungs, and muscles, posing a serious threat.

After receiving treatment, the patient expressed gratitude to Paras Health, Udaipur, Dr. Abhishek Vyas, and Dr. Abhay Jain. He acknowledged their timely intervention and expertise, stating that he owed his life to Paras Health.

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