### Dynamic and Powerful Kick Training on the Second Day

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06 Jul 24
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### Dynamic and Powerful Kick Training on the Second Day

Udaipur, July 6: On the second day of the three-day International Kudo Training Camp organized by S.R.A.M.M.A. and Kudo Rajasthan at Sensei Combat Arena, Sensei Teraguchi provided special training to participants on full-contact Thai Mawashi, Maegeri, Yoko Geri, Ura, Mawashi Geri, Ashi, Kuruma, and Geri kicks.

Camp Director and Chief Kudo Instructor Shihan Rajkumar Menaria highlighted that Sensei Teraguchi's extensive experience, gained from years of practice and hundreds of fights leading to his title as World Champion in Kudo, makes this training session exceptional. He emphasized that not only the kicks but also the correct timing, power, speed, and balance are crucial aspects of effective striking.

Today's training was divided into three two-hour sessions focusing on power training, stamina, balance, and intensive sessions on "free sparring" and "cross combat." Sensei Teraguchi corrected the weaknesses of each participant and guided them on the proper techniques.

Alongside Sensei Teraguchi, Shihan Rajkumar Menaria, Renshi Vispi Kharadi, Renshi Vipasha Menaria, Sensei Pranshu Vora, Sensei Zidane Kharadi, Sensei Rajnandini, Sensei Kartikey Gurjar, Sensei Jagpal, and Sensei Bhupendra Bandhu served as assistant instructors.

The evening session focused on Ne-Waza and Kata, emphasizing ground fighting techniques and strategies. Ne-Waza, one of Kudo's four segments, is a critical skill for controlling an opponent, involving striking and submission techniques that force the opponent to surrender using choke or pressure techniques.

India's Chief Kudo Coach, Hanshi Mehul Vora, praised the enthusiasm, hard work, and curiosity of the trainees. Expressing satisfaction with the two days of training, he stated that the final day would involve rigorous practice and comprehensive training in all techniques.

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