Work with Joy and Happiness: BK Shivani Didi

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26 May 24
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Work with Joy and Happiness: BK Shivani Didi

Mount Abu, Rajasthan: The National Media Conference and Retreat, organized by the Brahma Kumaris at the Gyan Sarovar campus, is being held in two sessions. On the second evening, a session titled "Vision and Purpose for a Value-Based Society" took place. 

**Managing Work Pressure with Joy**

International motivational speaker BK Shivani Didi addressed the topic "Managing Work Pressure with Joy," urging everyone to resolve that they will not just work for happiness but work with happiness. She emphasized that happiness is the jewel of life and the nourishment of the soul, encouraging participants to safeguard their happiness like a treasure. At Brahma Kumaris, all brothers and sisters serve with joy because they draw energy from the Supreme Soul during the early morning hours, which sustains them throughout the day. She suggested finding ways to live joyfully and recommended a seven-day Rajyoga meditation course at the nearest service center. Additionally, she advised remembering the Supreme Soul for ten minutes each morning and night, as disciplining the mind with knowledge and yoga is crucial for maintaining mental well-being.

**Speakers on Purpose and Media's Role**

Prof. Dr. S. Arulchelvan from Anna University's Media Science Department in Chennai stressed the importance of working with a correct purpose to establish a value-based society, noting the significant role media plays in this process. Praveen Khariwal, head of Bharat Express Channel MP-CG from Indore, highlighted the disconnect between the new generation and society, indicating that the younger audience is engrossed in a virtual world and indifferent to traditional values. 

Radio jockey and actor Dilip Jain from Mumbai spoke about the prevalent negativity in media and his effort to counteract this through his popular radio show "Love You Zindagi," which focuses on positive stories and messages to uplift society.

**Ethics in Journalism**

Dr. Amit Vishwas, Assistant Editor of Mahatma Gandhi International University's publication Bahuvachan, emphasized the need for ethics in journalism, pointing out that true journalism should be rooted in integrity. Dr. Sujata Singh, Communication Director at the International Press Representative Council in Mumbai, called for writing that energizes and motivates readers, infusing them with a sense of purpose.

**Spiritual Values for Transformation**

Rajesh Rajore, editor of Deshomukhi newspaper from Buldhana Khamgaon, Maharashtra, stated that societal values determine what is deemed good or bad, with justice, honesty, and truth being essential moral values. He argued that spiritual values are crucial for societal transformation. Garima Dutt, Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi, noted that life values are truly tested in challenging circumstances.

**Valuing Each Individual**

BK Prabha Didi, Director of Gyan Sarovar, highlighted that a valuable society is composed of valuable individuals, urging everyone to embody values to create a superior society. Senior Rajyoga teacher Dr. Savita Behn added that change begins with a single individual, referencing the foundation of the spiritual university by the Supreme Soul in 1937. She asserted that spiritual strength is the greatest power and essential for incorporating values into life.

Ila Goyal, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism in Ahmedabad, also shared her insights. BK Sunita Didi, Zonal Coordinator of the Media Wing in Delhi, guided the participants through a profound Rajyoga experience, while BK Suman Behn, National Coordinator of the Education Wing, facilitated the session.

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