Successful Surgery and Lens Implant for Nigerian Patient with Congenital Cataract at Geetanjali Hospital

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05 Jul 24
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Successful Surgery and Lens Implant for Nigerian Patient with Congenital Cataract at Geetanjali Hospital

Udaipur: The Ophthalmology Department at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital successfully performed a complex cataract surgery and lens implantation on a 28-year-old Nigerian patient using advanced medical technology. The patient, Abdul Aziz, had been struggling with congenital cataracts in his left eye since birth, with his vision deteriorating over time. 

Dr. Lipa Mohanty, along with Dr. Arpit Sharma and residents Dr. Kaushambi, Dr. Govind, Dr. Akanksha, and the OT team and nurses, successfully conducted the surgery, restoring the patient’s vision.

**Detailed Information:**

Abdul Aziz, a 28-year-old Nigerian national studying in Udaipur, had been experiencing poor vision in his left eye since birth, a condition that worsened with age. Dr. Lipa explained that the patient's left eye was in a critical state when he arrived. After comprehensive blood and eye examinations, the team proceeded with the cataract surgery and lens implantation.

The case was rare and challenging, but the surgery was successful, and the patient regained vision in his left eye the very next day. Abdul expressed immense happiness with the operation and gratitude towards the doctors and staff at Geetanjali Hospital for their exceptional care and successful treatment.

Dr. Lipa noted that while cataracts are typically associated with aging, they can also occur in children and adolescents. She emphasized the importance of thorough eye examinations for anyone experiencing diminished vision.

Geetanjali Hospital's Ophthalmology Department is equipped with advanced technologies and resources to address even the most complex eye conditions. For the past 17 years, Geetanjali Hospital has been providing excellent and world-class medical services, continually offering health services to those in need.

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