Hanumangarhi's Mahant Releases Modi Anthem

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02 Apr 24
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Hanumangarhi's Mahant Releases Modi Anthem

The grand festival of Indian democracy has commenced in the form of general elections. While the final outcome of this festival will be revealed on June 4, residents of Ayodhya's Hanumangarhi Dham, led by Mahant Shri Brijmohan Das Ji Maharaj, have provided a glimpse of the anticipated results to their followers today. Mahant Brijmohan Das Ji Maharaj has released a video album titled "Modi Ji Again in 24". This album has gained momentum upon its release, indicating that several BJP candidates might showcase this song in their public gatherings during this democratic festival. 

In this video song, Mahant Ji has portrayed Narendra Modi's visionary leadership alongside an embodiment of Lord Shri Ram, while also presenting Yogi Adityanath Ji as Hanuman. The song also highlights the allure of Mathura after Ayodhya and expresses confidence in Modi Ji's return to power, reassuring the world. 

This video song, released on the MBD Music World YouTube channel, features lyrics by Nirmal Naye and music by Baban Vishnu. Mahant Brijmohan Das Ji Maharaj himself has lent his voice to this creation. The information about the video album was provided by film promoter Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.

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