Gunjan Pant Stars in the Bhojpuri Film "Beti Ho To Aisi," Focused on Social Empowerment

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10 Jul 24
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Gunjan Pant Stars in the Bhojpuri Film "Beti Ho To Aisi," Focused on Social Empowerment

In a significant move towards social upliftment and empowerment, acclaimed Bhojpuri actress Gunjan Pant is making headlines with her latest film, "Beti Ho To Aisi." The film, produced under the banner of B4U Bhojpuri by producers Sandeep Singh and Neelabh Tiwari, delves into the crucial role of daughters in shaping societal directions with their talents and capabilities.

Gunjan Pant, who has starred in over a hundred films, expresses her excitement about her role in "Beti Ho To Aisi," which portrays the empowering image of daughters in contemporary society. The film highlights the indispensable need for education among daughters, underscoring that no society can truly prosper without it.

Set against the backdrop of familial and social settings, the film aims to present a timely depiction of the actual status of girls in today’s modern era. Gunjan Pant is seen in a powerful role as the eldest of five sisters, shouldering various responsibilities. The film is expected to be a significant contribution to discussions around gender equality, emphasizing that girls are in no way inferior to boys.

The film's shooting has recently concluded in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, with post-production work currently underway in Mumbai. The film also stars Shruti Rao, Dimple Singh, Shilpi Raghavani, and Priyanshu Singh, among others. Directed by Sanjeev Bohrpi, with cinematography by Vijay Mandal and music by Om Jha, "Beti Ho To Aisi" promises to deliver a strong message on women's empowerment and the crucial impact of education.

This eagerly awaited film is anticipated to make a profound impact on viewers and further discussions on the empowerment of women through cinema.

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