#Efforts to Popularize Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Museum,

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10 Jun 24
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#Museum, Rajasthan Constitution Club to Open Soon**

#Efforts to Popularize Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Museum,

Gopendra Nath Bhatt

New Delhi. The Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Vasudev Devnani, announced that efforts are being made to make the grand and architecturally magnificent Legislative Assembly Museum in Rajasthan more accessible to the general public. The tourism department’s brochures and sightseeing maps will now include the Assembly building, ensuring that both domestic and international tourists can visit. He mentioned that thousands of people have already visited the Assembly Museum.

Devnani, who was in New Delhi to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Modi-03 Council of Ministers at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday, revealed in an exclusive interview that the Assembly Secretariat has instructed the state’s education department to include the Assembly visit in students' educational tours. This initiative aims to allow the future generations to witness the museum and the temple of democracy, and to learn about the history of democracy.

**Prime Minister Modi's Vision to Make India a Developed Nation and Global Power**

Extending his heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his council members, the Speaker stated that with Modi’s visionary leadership, India will emerge as a developed nation and a major global power.

**Rajasthan Constitution Club**

Discussing the Rajasthan Constitution Club, Devnani mentioned that it will offer better facilities than the Constitution Club on Delhi’s Rafi Marg. He revealed that during the proposed state assembly session in July, a prominent figure will be invited to inaugurate the club. Additionally, tenders are being invited to engage a world-class agency for its operation. Devnani also mentioned plans to enhance the management and security of the new MLA residence flats located in front of the Assembly building. The Rajasthan Constitution Club has already gained over 600 members, and efforts are being made to increase membership among current and former legislators. Compared to the Constitution Club in New Delhi, the membership rules for this club have been made more flexible to include prominent individuals and institutions.

**Innovations and Enhancements in the Legislative Assembly**

The Speaker announced the launch of a weekly bulletin for the Assembly, similar to Parliament TV. Various innovations, including digitization, are being implemented in the Assembly. Necessary renovations and restorations of the building are also planned. Devnani highlighted efforts to install life-size statues of great personalities and regional leaders in the Assembly, similar to those in the Parliament House in New Delhi, and to celebrate their anniversaries on a large scale.

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