Upadhan Tap at Jeerawala Teerth by Sanghvi Family*

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16 Feb 24
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Upadhan Tap at Jeerawala Teerth by Sanghvi Family*

*Sirohi, February 15.* The sacred Jeerawala Teerth is currently witnessing the auspicious Upadhan Tap, a 47-day-long meditation and austerity program organized by the Sanghvi family. The program, held in the revered presence of Acharya Bhagwant Yashovijaysuriji, Munichandrasuriji, Rajpunyasuriji, and Bhagyeshvijay Suriji Maharaj, aims at spiritual elevation through intense contemplation and self-discipline.

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Jeerawala Teerth, a ceremony was organized to honor the ascetics participating in the Upadhan Tap. Prakash, Ramesh, and Suresh, members of the Sanghvi family, extended their gratitude by performing a ceremonial gesture of respect and praise, acknowledging the dedication and sacrifices made by the ascetics.

Upadhan Tap is a form of intense meditation and self-discipline in Jainism, designed to train individuals in the path of spiritual awakening. Approximately 400 ascetics are participating in this Tap, attracting visitors and well-wishers not only from India but also from abroad. The program includes daily spiritual discourses, worship, and devotion to enhance the participants' connection with their spiritual selves.

Leelchand Hukmichand Bafna, a resident of Malgaon, and the Sanghvi family, known for their significant contributions to Jainism, have undertaken various projects such as the construction of Jain temples, Dharmshalas, and Upashrayas, fostering devotion and Guru Bhakti.

M.S. Bitta, the National President of the Anti-Terrorist Front, attended the event and commended the dedication of the ascetics. He shared his experiences in the fight against terrorism and received blessings from Acharya Bhagwant Yashovijaysuriji. Bitta expressed his commitment to continue working for the nation's security and inspire the younger generation to contribute positively to the country.

In the evening, M.S. Bitta participated in the Aarti of Lord Jeerawala Parsvanath and praised the Jain tradition of Tap and Jap. He admired the Jain philosophy that teaches the significance of renunciation, meditation, compassion, non-violence, and non-possession for a successful and fulfilling life.

The Sanghvi family, represented by the three brothers, honored M.S. Bitta by presenting him with a shawl as a symbol of respect and appreciation for his relentless efforts in the fight against terrorism.

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