Meeting of Committee Formed for Operation "Mera Maan" Held at Allen Auditorium

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08 Jun 24
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By K.D. Abbasi

Meeting of Committee Formed for Operation "Mera Maan" Held at Allen Auditorium

Kota - Dr. Amrita Duhan, Superintendent of Police, Kota City, announced that a meeting was held at the Allen Auditorium under the "Operation Mera Maan" initiative, aimed at addressing the issues and ensuring the safety of female students studying in Kota. The meeting, chaired by SP Dr. Amrita Duhan, included Mrs. Girma Jindal, Circle Officer of Circle III, Mrs. Sushila Vishnoi, Police Inspector in charge of the District Special Branch, and female constables from the Abhaya Patrol Team.

During the meeting, SP Dr. Amrita Duhan interacted with new female coaching students at Allen Coaching Institute. She addressed questions from the students and assured them of solutions to their problems and safety during their stay in Kota.

The students were provided with important helpline numbers, including the Student Helpline (9530442778), Toll-Free Number (1930), Cyber Fraud Helpline (1090), and Quick Helpline (112). They were also informed about various safety techniques and given guidance on ensuring their security in all situations. Additionally, the students were introduced to the Abhaya team members who are on duty daily in their area.

"Operation Mera Maan" is a dedicated effort towards the safety and empowerment of female students in Kota, aiming to create a secure and supportive environment for their studies.


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