Congress Leaders Criticize BJP Government at Kota Rural Congress Press Conference

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09 Jun 24
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Issue 10-Day Ultimatum for Reforms

By K.D. Abbasi

Congress Leaders Criticize BJP Government at Kota Rural Congress Press Conference

Kota - During a press conference organized by the Kota Rural Congress at the Circuit House, Congress leaders targeted the BJP government, criticizing its handling of law and order, power cuts, rising crimes against women, and inadequate water supply for farmers. The leaders issued a 10-day ultimatum to the state government to address these issues, threatening a massive protest if their demands were not met.

Bhanu Pratap, President of the Kota Rural Congress, along with other Congress representatives, warned that an unprecedented public movement involving both citizens and farmers would be initiated if the situation did not improve within the stipulated timeframe.

Increase in Crimes Against Women
Rakhi Gautam highlighted the surge in crimes against women during the past five months, mentioning that over 12,000 cases have been registered, including incidents of rape and gang rape. She criticized the BJP for failing to uphold its election promise of protecting women.

Concerns Over Farmers and Water Supply
Prahlad Gunjal, Congress candidate from Kota-Bundi Lok Sabha, emphasized the lack of planning for water and electricity supply. He expressed concern over the large number of paddy farmers in Hadoti, known for its high-quality paddy, who are facing challenges due to inadequate water supply.

Unscheduled Power Cuts in Urban and Rural Areas
Patana MLA C.L. Premi criticized the unannounced power cuts in both urban and rural areas. He called for immediate improvements in the availability of transformers and electricity connections to prevent difficulties for farmers during the upcoming Kharif season.

Failing Electricity Infrastructure
Hindoli MLA Ashok Chandna discussed the severe electricity problems throughout the summer, causing significant discomfort to residents. He raised concerns about the water supply for irrigation if monsoon rains were insufficient and criticized the law and order situation, citing incidents of violence and murder in the Hadoti region.

Challenges in Law and Order
Ashok Chandna also pointed out the deteriorating law and order situation in the region, mentioning recent murders and shootings. He blamed the police and administration for failing to maintain order and highlighted the need for immediate action.

Dissatisfaction with the Government
Bhanu Pratap Singh, Rural Congress President, expressed the public's growing distrust in the government, citing the dire conditions in rural areas and targeted actions against Congress workers by the police. Moizuddin Guddu, President of the Youth Congress, echoed these sentiments, criticizing the government's discontinuation of Congress-initiated schemes.

The Congress leaders warned that if the issues of electricity, water supply, women's safety, law and order, and irrigation were not addressed within 10 days, they would mobilize a large-scale protest across the region.


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