Rail Passengers to Receive First Aid During Travel

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06 Jul 24
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Rail Passengers to Receive First Aid During Travel

Kota: In a significant initiative to enhance passenger convenience, the Kota Division under the guidance of DRM Manish Tiwari has introduced first aid services during train journeys. Previously, first aid was only available through train managers (guards) or station superintendents. As of June 28, all ticket checking staff (TTEs) on passenger trains have been equipped with first aid kits.

These first aid kits contain 13 types of essential medicines for basic treatment and must be carried by the ticket checking staff while on duty. In case of an emergency, any passenger can access first aid services by paying a nominal fee of 50 rupees. Passengers in need of medical assistance can contact the on-duty TTE, who will provide medication after consulting a doctor over the phone.

The details of the recipient, including name, gender, age, PNR, coach number, berth number, boarding station, destination, and the consulting doctor's name, will be recorded. The first aid kits will include medications for common issues such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, minor injuries, eye drops, and bandages. A total of 257 ticket checking staff in the division have been provided with these first aid kits.

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