Grand Celebration of Shri Manshapurna Hanuman Chhappan Bhog Silver Jubilee

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22 Apr 24
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Grand Celebration of Shri Manshapurna Hanuman Chhappan Bhog Silver Jubilee

Udaipur. With the resounding chants of Jai Shri Ram, JCB (Jaisalmer Cemented Bricks) has dug four deep pits, each seven feet deep, at Hemraj National Gymnasium on Gulab Bagh Road. These pits will be used to prepare meals for the grand feast on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, benefiting around 50,000 devotees.

Rajesh Toshnival, President of Manshapurna Friends Circle, informed that preparations for the feast have begun in association with the chants of Jai Shri Ram. Under the auspices of the Manshapurna Friends Circle, a silver jubilee celebration of Hanuman Jayanti is being organized, featuring a Chhappan Bhog feast at the Haveli in Badnor.

Continuous Recitation of Ramayana:

Bhupesh Mehta, the organizer, mentioned that the establishment of continuous recitation of Ramayana began at 8:00 AM today, which will conclude on the 23rd. Magnificent lighting has been arranged from the clock tower to Rang Niwas, adorned with various types of lights, chandeliers, and saffron flags. Friends from the Manshapurna Friends Circle, along with devotees of Hanuman, have been involved in preparations for the festival for a month.

Successful Deep Profile Campaign of Hanuman:

Sunil Jhanwar, the coordinator of the publicity committee, stated that a campaign to put up deep profiles of Hanuman at Manshapurna began on the day of Navaratri installation. There is considerable enthusiasm among devotees about this, and all members of the Friends Circle and devotees are making the campaign successful by putting up profile photos of Hanuman.

Commencement of Ramleela:

The melodious Ramleela has begun at Vidya Niketan School campus since the 20th. On the first day of Ramleela, artists from Shri Dham Barsana, Mathura, presented the Narad Moh and Vishwamohini Swayamvar.

Raju Bhai Halwai's Culinary Artisans Crafting 56 Bhog:

As is the tradition every year, preparations are underway for the 56 Bhog prasad on Hanuman Jayanti. Under the leadership of Raju Bhai Halwai, 101 skilled artisans are preparing the 56 Bhog with complete purity. The preparation of the 56 Bhog commenced on the 18th, and it will be offered to Shri Manshapurna Hanuman Ji on the 23rd.

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