Two-Day Literary and Art Festival Commences in Udaipur

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10 Feb 24
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Two-Day Literary and Art Festival Commences in Udaipur

The two-day Literary and Art Festival commenced yesterday at Mount Litera Zee School in Kaldwas, Udaipur, from 10th to 11th February. The festival, running from 10 AM to 5 PM, offers a free platform for the confluence of creativity and exploration.

During the inauguration, organizer Arun Mandot mentioned that the festival aims to showcase the harmony of creativity and exploration. The event will feature practical arts and crafts activities, interactive workshops, storytelling sessions by Storytellers, author panels, exhibitions of local and international talents in various arts, cultural displays, and musical performances, along with exciting games and a Pichkari Bazaar.

The festival establishes an 'Artistry Hub' that focuses on creative exploration and learning. Activities include a pottery workshop by Jagdish Kumhar, a circular dance workshop by Dviti Bafna, sketching workshop by Urban Sketchers, a baking workshop by Arushi Kavdia, block printing by Drishti Bhatt, storytelling through origami by Dviti Bafna, film production by Lokesh Kumar, sandwich painting by Mukesh Kumar Oudhichya, and more.

Under the Literature Fest umbrella, the "Learn, Soar, Inspire" program will be conducted, featuring open mic sessions in the expressive arts field and storytelling sessions by Vilas Janve. The event will also include a fashion show by INIFD during the festival.

The festival offers diverse activities under sections like Artistry Hub, Entertainment Bazaar, Expressive Realm, Wellness Corner, Challenge Junction, Literary Novena, Photography, Painting, and a Fashion Show. Additionally, children can enjoy various games such as Mickey Jumping, Bubble Ride, Football Dart, Knock Down, Helicopter Ride, Jenga, Tic Tac Toe, Tag of War, and more.

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