VHP Organizes Enthusiastic Meeting

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18 Feb 24
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VHP Organizes Enthusiastic Meeting

Shriganganagar,  Today, a fervent meeting was organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in the Shriganganagar district, drawing representatives from various organizations with great zeal and enthusiasm. The presence of State Minister Shri Parameshwar Joshi added significance to this crucial gathering, where he provided valuable suggestions and guidance, elevating the importance of the event.

The primary focus of the discussion during the meeting was to formulate plans for the upcoming programs and their execution. The agenda included Satsang (spiritual discourse), networking, physical training, power harnessing centers, and several other activities aimed at promoting patriotism and culture.

In his address, State Minister Shri Parameshwar Joshi emphasized that instilling a sense of patriotism among the public should be the top priority for organizations.

All representatives participating in the meeting discussed their responsibilities and activities, unanimously deciding to maintain strong communication and coordination for the successful execution of programs.

As the meeting concluded, all present individuals expressed their support for upcoming events, pledging to enhance the grandeur of the organization.

The meeting, presided over by Shri Parameshwar Lal Joshi, witnessed the sharing of thoughts by all attending representatives. Among the prominent attendees were Umashankar Mittal - District President, Mohanlal Grover - District Minister, Bhupesh Vaishnav - Organization Minister, Rajkumar Sharma - City Publicity Minister, Deepak Saraswat - Deputy Coordinator, Bajrang Dal, Sushil Bishnoi - District Security Chief, Bajrang Dal, Ashish Rathore - City Minister, Deshveer Singh Gaur - City Propagation Chief, Mahendra Kumar - Bajrang Dal, Sushil Kumar Agrawal - Harmony Chief, Priyanka Choudhary - District Matrushakti Coordinator, Kiran Rathore, Neelam Agrawal - District Durgavahini Coordinator, Urmila Kasniya - City Matrushakti Coordinator, Karmjeet Kaur - Agra Sen Panchayat Coordinator, Santosh Kumar Gupta, Rahul, Deepak Kapoor, Pinky Kapoor, Sharda Devi, Mamta Rao, Indu Rao, and other patriotic individuals participated in the meeting.

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