City palace

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24 Aug 21
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DR. Prabhat kumar singhal

City palace

The City Palace is a complex situated in the city of Udaipur.Rana Udai Singh built a small mansion which was expanded by 22 successive rulers and the edifice came to be as City Palace Udaipur. Main entrance of Palace complex is Tripoliya gate, a triple-arched gateway built in 1725.Mharana was use to be weighed in gold and silver coins under the Tripoliya and the coins were given away to Publice. Hathi Pol leads to an extensive courtyards of lush greens lawns and fountain in geometric designs. The fabulous five stories palace is built of white marbal and sand stones.

The palace is located on the east bank Lake Pichola and has several palaces built within its complex.Erected in the complex, after entering through the main Tripolia gate, are the Suraj Gokhda (public address facade), the Mor-Chawk (Peacock courtyard), the Dilkhush Mahal (heart's delight), the Surya Chopar, the Shesh Mahal (Palace of glass and mirrors), the Moti Mahal, the Krishna Vilas, Shambu Niwas, the Bhim Vilas, the Amar Vilas (with a raised garden) that goes the Badi Mahal (the big palace).

In the City Palace, Maharana Pratap Museum has collections of sculptures, inscriptions, paintings, turban of Prince Khurram ( Sahajhan) and armoury etc. A spear of Maharana Pratap that hit Raja Man Singh of Amber, armour suits of Maharana Pratap and his favourite horse Chetak are also displayed here. Manak Mahal ( Ruby Palace) has cut- glass works in floral designs with sparkling colours. The doors are decorated with inlaid ivory. Krishana Vilas is adorned with miniature paintings drawing scenes from royal court, nature and floks legends. Badi Mahal has a cloistered courtyard of 104 marbale pillers with a fountain in middle.Moti Mahal ( Pearl Palace) is embellished with mirror work on the wall in colourful outlines.The celling is meticulously painted in floral motif.The doors are decorated with inlaid ivory. The dressing room of the queen is similarly decorated. Chine Mahal is embellished with patterned tiles. Zanana Mahal( palace of Women) is adorned with beautiful murals.Bhim Vilas is adorned with the murals of Lord Krishana.

It was built in a flamboyant style and is considered the largest of its type in the state of Rajasthan. It was built at of a hill, a fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal architectural style, providing a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.The palace complex has been built entirely in granite and marble.

Fateprakash Palace has a crystal gallery that consists of crystal chairs, dressing tables, sofas, tables, chairs and beds, crockery, table fountains which were never used. There is also a Jewel studded carpet here. Maharana Sajjan Singh had ordered these rare items in 1877 from "F&C Osler & Co" of London but he died before they arrived here. It is said that the packages containing these crystals remained unopened for 110 years. The entire complex of City Palace is the property of the Mewar Royal family with various trusts maintaining the structures.

The Fatehprakash Palace and the Shiv Niwas Palace; the last two have been converted into heritage hotels. The complex is set with facilities of a post office, bank, travel agency, numerous craft shops and also an Indian boutique belonging to the World Wild Life Fund (WWF).

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