DPS Udaipur Successfully Concludes Graduation Day Celebrations"

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10 Feb 24
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DPS Udaipur Successfully Concludes Graduation Day Celebrations"

Delhi Public School (DPS) Udaipur marked the memorable occasion of the formal education entry for Kindergarten students with a lively Graduation Day ceremony. Nearly 270 children participated in this joyous event, presenting vibrant programs. The Vice Chairman of the school, Mr. Govind Agarwal, and the Principal, Mr. Sanjay Narvaria, welcomed the chief guests. 


he event commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guest, Professor Bhuvan Joshi, Professor and Deputy Chief (Budget and Technology), Professor Ramit Bhattacharya, Professor and Deputy Chief (Administration and Educational), Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Chakkiwala, Dr. Vijay Laxmi Chaehan, and Mrs. Anjali Singh. They symbolically illuminated the path of learning and awarded certificates and degrees to UKG students.

Mr. Govind Agarwal, the Vice Chairman, emphasized the role of teachers in shaping students' personalities and guiding them towards a straightforward path in life. He encouraged the students who received recognition for achieving first place in the field of education in the previous year.

The program featured enchanting dance performances and a dance drama based on 'Arabian Nights,' stealing the limelight. The tiny tots' presentations delighted everyone, showcasing their talents. Principal Sanjay Narvaria expressed that the purpose of organizing the Graduation Day ceremony was to instill new, excellent, and creative ideas in the minds of children entering primary education. He acknowledged the indispensable role of teachers in developing students' comprehensive personalities.

Overall, the ceremony aimed to celebrate the fresh beginning in the lives of the young students, emphasizing the importance of skills for their all-round development.

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