Deputy CM Diya Kumari, Graces OTM Event and Awards Ceremony

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11 Feb 24
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Neeti Gopendra Bhatt

Deputy CM Diya Kumari, Graces OTM Event and Awards Ceremony

New Delhi, - Diya Kumari, the Deputy Chief Minister and Tourism Minister of Rajasthan, served as the Chief Guest at the valedictory and awards functions of the OTM event held on Saturday. The Deputy CM was warmly received at the airport by Seema Yadav, Joint Director of Rajasthan Tourism Department.

During her visit, Diya Kumari toured Rajasthan's stall at Jasmine Hall on the 3rd floor, where she was welcomed by Aanand Kumar Tripathi, Additional Director of Tourism. The Deputy CM engaged with leaders from Rajasthan's hospitality industry and travel agents, who expressed keen interest in the tourism offerings of the state.

Diya Kumari highlighted Rajasthan's diverse attractions, including palaces, heritage sites, and eco-tourism infrastructure. She acknowledged the role of the Tourism Department's participation in OTM, opening doors for foreign professionals to explore Rajasthan's tourism possibilities.

Rajasthan Tourism received the Best Design and Decoration award at the OTM event. Diya Kumari emphasized the state's success in hosting multiple G-20 meetings across Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur, showcasing and promoting Rajasthan's tourism potential globally. She underlined the significant contribution of the tourism and allied industry to the state's economy, accounting for approximately 14 percent and bringing benefits such as job creation, regional development, infrastructure improvement, and support for local handicrafts.

In 2022, Rajasthan secured the 7th spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. The state continued its positive tourism trajectory in 2023, welcoming over 17.90 crore domestic tourists and approximately 17 lakh foreign visitors. Diya Kumari emphasized the diverse range of guests contributing to the vibrant tourism landscape of Rajasthan.

The OTM event attracted participants and representatives from various sectors worldwide, showcasing the significance of tourism on a global scale.

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