Changes in Social Life

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Published on : 24 Aug, 21 07:08

DR. Prabhat kumar singhal

Changes in Social Life

Major social changes have occurred in society after freedom. Several new laws, rules and regulations have given liberty to the suppressed classes of the society. The major twist can be seen in "Jagirdari Pratha" which came to it is end and which has brought many changes in society. The social and financial position of the schedule caste and tribes have also improved with the course of time. Local leadership due to democratic decentralization has replaced the system of Princley status. Several castes have adopted flexibility regarding the rites and rituals of their community. At public places and in Hotels, people from different castes and creed have been joining each other. They have been travelling also in buses and trains without any caste boundations. Except it, They have been preferring intercast marriages and such marriages are being accepted socially and individually. Similarly, such changes have come in the system of Joint family which has been replaced by nuclear families that has been increasing due to urbanization and modernization. Peoples used to go hotels for enjoy and for social functions even merrige patry also.

Changes have occurred in Education field also where more and more girls have started going and moulding their futures. They have been touching new heights in the fields of astronomy, Engineering, Business and other such fields..

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