Pichola Ring Road Transforms into Dumping Yard due to Excessive Waste Disposal

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Published on : 11 Dec, 23 06:12

Pichola Ring Road Transforms into Dumping Yard due to Excessive Waste Disposal

In a concerning development, Pichola Ring Road in Udaipur is witnessing substantial disposal of urban waste, leading to some areas resembling makeshift dumping grounds.

During a lake inspection on Sunday, enthusiasts were dismayed to witness a significant accumulation of various types of waste, including plastic, polythene, discarded clothing, and bedding, along Pichola Ring Road.

Dr. Anil Mehta, present during the inspection, emphasized the need to strengthen waste management in the surrounding settlements of Ring Road. He suggested providing dustbins to needy families and ensuring that accumulated waste is not indiscriminately disposed of on Ring Road.

Tej Shankar Paliwal expressed his disappointment, stating that despite continuous efforts to draw attention for the past year, Pichola Ring Road remains far from being waste-free. He highlighted the environmental hazards caused when waste accumulates in the lake during the monsoon season.

Nand Kishor Sharma pointed out that besides the waste on the lake shore, the lake is also burdened with removed debris and aquatic vegetation, leading to environmental degradation.

Kushal Raval voiced concerns that Pichola Ring Road appears to be designated as an unofficial dumping yard. The burning and destruction of accumulated waste at some locations by disposers further intensify these worries.

Lake enthusiast Drupad Singh and University of Birmingham researcher Kritika Singh emphasized the severe health risks posed by waste disposal along the lake shores and bed, urging for immediate attention to this environmental issue.

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