Upliftment Program: Distribution of Track Suits to Students at Varda School

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Published on : 11 Feb, 24 05:02

Upliftment Program: Distribution of Track Suits to Students at Varda School

Udaipur. Former President of UIT and senior social worker Ravindra Shrimali stated that the temples of education are constructing the future of India. In this context, it is essential to strengthen these temples and prepare the younger generation to contribute to the nation's golden future.

Shrimali addressed the students as the chief guest at the distribution program of more than a hundred track suits, T-shirts, and caps organized with the assistance of Dr. Sonal Kanthalia, the inspirational figure of Bhama Shah at the nearby Government Senior Secondary School Varda on Saturday.

In his speech, he emphasized the importance of focus for students and called for becoming carriers of all-around development with the vehicle of education. He encouraged students to manage their time efficiently and highlighted the power of concentration, suggesting regular meditation practice for students to enhance their memory. Shrimali also discussed the Nari Vandana program and educational incentive schemes, assuring full cooperation for the physical development of the school as per its requirements.

MLA Indra Singh Mojawat provided information about the educational incentive schemes provided by the state government and shed light on the needs of schools in this tribal region. Chief of Kasturi Foundation, Shraddha Murdia, highlighted the importance of creative activities for educational development and urged to continue such initiatives consistently.

Renowned Sanskrit author Kapil Paliwal presented traditional poems and thoughts to the students, recommending the daily recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa.

The program started with a welcome address by the school principal Manoharlal Suthar, presenting the view of the school's development. He also briefed about the efforts being made for physical and educational development by creative teacher Hemant Joshi.

On this occasion, guests, inspired by Dr. Sonal Kanthalia, distributed track suits, T-shirts, and caps to the students on behalf of the Legendary Riders of Sinec Mevad 6001 Club.

SMC President Karam Singh Deora, Ward Panch Sohanlal Vaishnav, Sunil Bhatt, along with a large number of teachers and parents, were present during the program. The program was conducted by Sangita Chaudhary.

Mewadi and Manas Ki Vani Mesmerize:
Before the program, Ravindra Shrimali inspected the Ideal School Varda. He praised the unique architecture of all the classrooms and was impressed by the efforts to present the subject matter in an attractive way, extracting it from general knowledge. He appreciated the attempt to ask questions related to the content of these talking walls and also tested the students' general knowledge. During this, he also expressed satisfaction after seeing the high-tech library prepared in the container. Creative teacher Hemant Joshi provided information about the subject matter while giving an overview of the school.


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