Students Reunite to Refresh Old Memories on Golden Jubilee

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Published on : 16 Apr, 24 14:04

Students Reunite to Refresh Old Memories on Golden Jubilee

Udaipur: Students who graduated with a postgraduate degree in Physics from Udaipur University between 1972-74 came together today to refresh their forgotten memories at a resort, marking the completion of 50 years.

The coordinator of the event, Karan Samota, mentioned that since their separation in 1974, they have served in various fields such as banking, scientific research, space research, information technology, electrical engineering, education, computer science, and rubber industries. Even after retirement from prestigious institutions such as BSNL, Kajri, Meera Girls College, Rajasthan Bank, Canara Bank, ISRO, NTPL, PRL, Modi Rubber, IBM, Income Tax, and Birla Cement, they continue to contribute to society through their experiences in various ways.

They shared their experiences with fellow Udaipur companions who came from Ahmedabad, Pune, Bhilwara, and Jodhpur to celebrate their 50 years of experience together. They enjoyed music, games, and a feast together, reliving the memories of their time spent at the university.

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