SPSU :Mesmerizing Caranatic Violin Performance

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Published on : 16 Apr, 24 15:04

SPSU :Mesmerizing Caranatic Violin Performance by Dr. M. Lalitha & M. Nandini (LN Sisters)

SPSU :Mesmerizing Caranatic Violin Performance

The SPIC MACAY in Association with Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur organised "Odissi Dance Performance" by renowned Odissi dancer Vidushi Meera Das on April 14th 2024. Widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally, Ms. Meera Das has graced prestigious stages, earning countless accolades and awards. Renowned as a multifaceted artist, she not only excels as a dancer but also shines as a composer, choreographer, and captivating speaker. Her artistic brilliance has garnered admiration worldwide, adorned with a plethora of honours and recognitions from esteemed institutions across the globe, solidifying her status as a luminary in the realm of performing arts.

Amidst an aura of elegance and cultural fervour, the Dean, School of Management, Prof. Sadananda Prusty and Director Research and International Affairs Prof. Prasun Chakrabarti welcomed and honoured the artist. The splendid performance served as a poignant celebration of the transcendent beauty and cultural richness inherent in the art of dance and emphasized the University’s dedication to nurturing cultural exchange and fostering harmony and mutual understanding among diverse communities. The event was coordinated by Lt. (Dr.) D S Chouhan and Mr. D.K. Gupta, Coordinator, SPIC MACAY, Udaipur Chapter.

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