Physical, Mental, and Overall Development Happens Through Sports - Kothari

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Published on : 03 May, 24 04:05

Physical, Mental, and Overall Development Happens Through Sports - Kothari

The grand inauguration of the Day-Night Open Volleyball Competitions, organized by Bajrang Dal Banswara, took place at Kushalbagh Ground on Wednesday. Mr. Shankar Ralotiya, the district coordinator of Bajrang Dal, informed that the opening ceremony was presided over by Sant Shri Ramprakash Maharaj of Bada Ramdwara.

The chief guests included Shri Ramswaroop Maharaj from Bharat Mata Mandir, keynote speaker Vikas Raj, National Organizer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and distinguished guest Ashok Kothari, MLA from Bhilwara, along with Arun Joshi, district minister of VIHIP.

The Bajrang Dal activists welcomed the guests by presenting them with angavastram. Addressing the gathering, Vikas Raj, the main speaker at the inauguration ceremony, congratulated the organizers for the successful event and urged the youth to contribute to the nation's welfare and progress.

MLA Ashok Kothari stated that sports provide us with physical and mental benefits. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and this is achievable through sports. He emphasized that sports should be played with a sporting spirit. Winning and losing are integral parts of games, and players should remain enthusiastic in victory and not disheartened in defeat. The inaugural match was held between Karagil Madkola and the Physical Education Club.

The program was conducted by Girish Joshi, and thanks were extended by Jaswant Rathore.

Media coordinator Satyam Sharma informed that Bajrang Dal workers from across the district, including Kanhaiyalal Yadav, Shaileshnath Rawal, Bhupendra Shekhawat, Santosh Sen, Ramesh Teli, Yogesh Bhatt, Sanjay Patel, Dr. Pradeep, Ravi Kalal, Sunil Jangid, Harish Pawar, Dilip Patel, Manoj Khant, were present at the event.

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