The First Lesson on Self-Exploration of Spiritual Knowledge - Sister Poonam*

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Published on : 14 May, 24 03:05

The First Lesson on Self-Exploration of Spiritual Knowledge - Sister Poonam*

Udaipur,  As part of the nine-day "Goodbye Stress - Happiness Program" organized under the aegis of the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Sister Poonam conducted the first spiritual knowledge session titled "Recognizing Myself: Who Am I?" On the third day of the program. According to the program's media coordinator, Sister Poonam explained that most people define "Who am I?" based on their material identity (such as lineage, profession, citizenship, etc.), while in reality, this identity pertains to the impermanent body. In truth, I am a powerful soul, and this body is merely a manifestation of the radiant energy of the soul. With spiritual knowledge, the mind aligns with the soul and becomes compelled to act according to its guidance.

To attain spiritual knowledge, one must continuously contemplate within oneself, recognizing oneself as a powerful entity, an energy. As long as I (the soul) infuse energy into this body, I perceive my consciousness. Conversely, when I (the soul) withdraw energy from this body, my consciousness ceases, and my body dies. This body is mortal, but I (the soul) am immortal.

One should always consider themselves as energetic and powerful. Embracing this understanding brings several benefits in life: the cessation of the fear of death, the prevention of negative thoughts, clarity in decision-making, freedom from mental tension, enhanced focus, and the development of self-healing powers within the body.

The mantra of today's happiness is to adopt three affirmations in life: 
1. Let go of the past; accept that whatever happened was destined. Forget the past. Such thinking transforms negativity into positivity.
2. Each day is unique.
3. Fully accept and appreciate individuals who are with you, whether in personal or professional settings, and instead of criticizing, express appreciation for their efforts.

The media spokesperson for the Happiness Program, Professor Vimal Sharma, mentioned that following today's spiritual knowledge session, Sister Poonam will guide the participants in experiencing profound divine sensations during the joyous celebration scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday.

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