Udaipur: Mewar Region's Jain Social Group Honors Yearly Ascetics

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Published on : 14 May, 24 06:05

Udaipur: Mewar Region's Jain Social Group Honors Yearly Ascetics

Udaipur: The Sanghini Forum of the Jain Social Group in the Mewar region dedicated this year's homage to Lord Adinath in Udaipur. Approximately 180 ascetics who observed yearly austerities (Varshi Tap) were honored. Sanghini Convener Madhu Khamesra stated that the main guests at the felicitation ceremony were Nagar Vidhayak Tara Chand Jain and Rahul Jain, Commissioner of Udaipur Development Authority.

Chief Guest Tara Chand Jain remarked that Tap (austerity) is the best path for Nirjara (shedding of karma), emphasizing the serene nature of this arduous journey. He also praised the activities of the Jain Social Group.

Rahul Jain, Commissioner of Udaipur Development Authority, highlighted the unique example of the Tapasvis (ascetics) of the entire Jain community, akin to the awareness spreading about intermittent fasting in the current era.

Chairman of the Mewar Region, Anil Nahar, mentioned that last year, the region felicitated over 400 ascetics after Chaturmas, and this year, more than 8 Tapasvis will be honored after the Chaturmas period.

During the felicitation, Tapasvis who observed fasting for one day and took a single meal for 14 months, along with those who completed their Tap on Akshaya Tritiya, were honored with offerings such as Shriphal, Uparna, congratulatory letters, and spiritual blessings from the Jain Social Group.

In attendance at the event were various dignitaries, including Arun Mandot, Vice Chairman; Mahesh Porwal, Regional Secretary; Shakuntala Porwal, Sanghini Coordinator; Dr. Kaushalya Jain; Urmila Sisodia, Joint Coordinator; Manju Gang; Rekha Jain, along with other officials of the Jain Social Group. Women of the Sanghini showcased a beautiful play and dance as part of the program. Notable citizens and city dignitaries were also present. Dr. Sneha Babel and Vandana Dak hosted the event.

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