Just dial Udaipur, Fueling Their Growth

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Published on : 09 Jun, 24 04:06

Just dial Udaipur, Fueling Their Growth

Udaipur, often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East,’ is renowned worldwide for its enchanting beauty, blue lakes, and the lush Aravalli hills surrounding it. As a gem of Rajasthan, Udaipur significantly contributes to the state’s economy through tourism and agriculture. The city's rich cultural heritage, grand palaces, historic forts, and beautiful temples add to its charm, attracting millions of tourists each year.

Moreover, the handicraft industry drives the city's economy. Udaipur is known for its traditional paintings, pottery, garments, and jewelry. These handicrafts are cherished not only by Indians but are also exported worldwide. Additionally, the city boasts 80,085 registered MSMEs, promoting innovation and development across various sectors.

Justdial has provided a platform connecting businesses with consumers, significantly contributing to the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This connection is particularly crucial for a city like Udaipur, where traditional industries and modern businesses play a vital role in economic development.

Sharing his experience, Mohammad Ashraf Sheikh, owner of Unicare Power System, said, “I have been associated with Justdial since 2013. Justdial has greatly helped in expanding my business and building a network of dealers and customers. My experience with Justdial has been excellent. Thanks to this platform, dealers from various sectors reach out to us, and we get good deals. My customer network has significantly expanded. I am grateful to Justdial for constantly introducing new innovations and features on their platform.”

Prakash Hada from Hada Service Point and Epson Service Center mentioned, “Since 2017, we have been getting good deals from Justdial. Justdial is an excellent platform to grow your business. It provides good leads, which have significantly increased my work. Because of these leads, our business has expanded from the local level to the state level, and our profits have grown substantially.”

Discussing the success with Justdial, Saurabh Vaya from Vaya Technologies said, “I joined Justdial in 2010 with a package costing only Rs 6000. Since then, we have received a very positive response. Due to some reasons, we couldn’t renew the package for some time, but we renewed it 2-3 years ago. Initially, we only received services through city listings, but now we get services through state listings as well, which has significantly increased our revenue. I recommend everyone to join Justdial to grow their business and get good leads.”

Yuvraj Singh Shaktawat, owner of Lake Shore Hotel and Restaurant, shared his experience with Justdial, saying, “I have been in this business for the past eight years and associated with Justdial for seven years. Justdial has greatly contributed to growing my business. I received numerous leads and connected with new customers through this platform. I advise everyone to join Justdial to connect with new customers and grow their business.”

Justdial is proving to be a boon for small and medium businesses in Udaipur, helping them connect with new consumers and aiding their growth. Through its reliable and modern platform, Justdial continues to drive the economic development of Udaipur.

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