Officer Shahi's Strange High-handedness

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01 May 24
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Officer Shahi's Strange High-handedness

Shahpura / Bhilwara - The police and transportation department promptly take action whenever the general public is found writing on private vehicles. The High Court has also issued orders to the state government to take strict action against those who illegally use non-official number plates. However, a senior officer in the district is boldly flaunting his authority by driving his private vehicle with a fake judge's plate.

Former Minister of BJP OBC Morcha, Bhagat Sen, revealed that the Chief Medical and Health Officer, Ghanshyam Chawla, stationed at the district headquarters in Shahpura, is undermining the dignity of his position and flouting government regulations. His conduct has caused widespread discontent among the public.

BJP leader Bhagat Sen has accused this public servant of misusing his position by placing a judge's plate on his private vehicle. This vehicle remains parked outside the CMHO's office all day. Moreover, the officer conducts inspections of subordinate departments from this vehicle. The judge's car is parked at the Health Department office, sparking curiosity among the local residents. The locals have expressed outrage over this issue.

In this context, today, under the leadership of BJP leader Bhagat Sen, members of the Shahpura Awareness Forum sent a memorandum to the Honorable Governor and Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma, demanding strict action against the authoritarian officer.

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