Bhilwara : Acollective Varshi Tap Parana will be held for 44 ascetics at Shantibhavan.

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01 May 24
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  Bhilwara : Acollective Varshi Tap Parana will be held for 44 ascetics at Shantibhavan.

Bhilwara, - Under the auspices of Shri Vardhman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, a Varshi Tap Parana festival will be organized on May 10 at Shantibhavan on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. As part of the festival, a collective Parana will be conducted for 44 ascetics engaged in Varshi Tap. Shri Sangh's minister, Sushil Chaplot, mentioned that the chief guest for the Akshaya Tritiya Parana festival will be Sadhvi Shiromani Pujya Yashkumariji M.S., the influential leader of the Rajasthan Jain community. Additionally, other dignitaries and prominent figures will grace the occasion.

The festival will commence at 7:15 AM with Navkarshi, followed by discourses by Sadhvi Vrind and imparting religious messages on the importance of Varshi Tap. At 10:15 AM, the ascetics engaged in Varshi Tap will be felicitated by Shri Sangh. The Parana of the ascetics will take place at 11:15 AM, followed by Gautam Prasadi at 12:15 PM.

To ensure the success of the Varshi Tap Parana festival, members of Shantibhavan Shri Sangh, along with various other officials and leaders, are actively involved in the preparations. Efforts are being made to encourage more ascetics to participate in the Parana festival, and arrangements for their accommodation are being made by the Sangh. Ascetics and their families from various regions of Rajasthan and beyond are expected to attend the Parana festival.

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