Sirohi Constituency: A Victory for Development in the Upcoming Election, Says Sanyam Lodha

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05 Nov 23
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Sirohi Constituency: A Victory for Development in the Upcoming Election, Says Sanyam Lodha

*Sirohi,  Sanyam Lodha, the incumbent Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Sirohi, expressed optimism about the upcoming elections, stating that the previous time, the people of Sirohi had elected an independent candidate for the sake of justice. However, this time, the victory will belong to development in Sirohi. The people of Sirohi have made up their minds to choose a representative who is committed to bringing about progress and has the requisite knowledge.

He further added that the development witnessed in Sirohi during his five-year tenure was unmatched, not seen in the 70 years post-independence. Sanyam Lodha mentioned that the people had shown their preference for development during the nomination rally held today, indicating that the complete story would unfold on December 3, highlighting the people's inclination toward development.

Responding to questions from journalists, he revealed that the plan for Sirohi's development from 2023 to 2028 would be disclosed in an upcoming public meeting. He expressed his commitment to continuing the progress in the region.

"Congress Will Prevail in the Pali Division": Sanyam Lodha

Speaking on the prospects of the Congress party in the Pali division, Sanyam Lodha expressed confidence that the Congress would strengthen its position. He emphasized that the Congress would overcome its previous weaknesses in the division and win 11 out of 13 seats in the upcoming elections.

Sanyam Lodha predicted that the Congress would win all three seats in Sirohi district, and the people have shown their support for the government's development plans. He urged Congress workers and the general public to propagate the accomplishments and initiatives of the government among the voters, encouraging them to vote for the Congress on November 25.

The upcoming elections in Sirohi are poised to be a contest between the desire for continued development and the need for a representative who can lead the region toward prosperity.

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