GMCH:Launch SBRT Clinic at Cancer Center

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03 Feb 24
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GMCH:Launch SBRT Clinic at Cancer Center

The inauguration of the Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) clinic at the Cancer Center of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital took place on the eve of World Cancer Day. The clinic was inaugurated by Mr. Ankit Agrawal, Executive Director of the Geetanjali Group. The event saw the presence of GMCH CEO Mr. Rishi Kapoor, Medical Superintendent Dr. Harpreet Singh, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Ramesh Purohit, along with doctors from various departments and HODs and staff.

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) is a type of radiation therapy that utilizes multiple beams of energy to target precisely focused radiation on cells, referred to as tumors, anywhere in the body.

Dr. Ramesh Purohit explained that SBRT radiotherapy is an extremely precise technique. It targets small tumors, saving normal tissues from radiation exposure. SBRT is commonly used for the treatment of tumors in the brain, spine, liver, lungs, prostate, lymph nodes, and more. The treatment can be completed in 1-5 sessions within 1-2 weeks, making it both efficient and safe. The procedure is carried out in day care, and today, a 32-year-old female patient and a 64-year-old male patient with brain tumors underwent SBRT radiotherapy during the inauguration.

The introduction of the SBRT clinic at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital reflects the commitment to advancing cancer treatment options and providing patients with state-of-the-art therapies. The event served as a significant step towards improving cancer care and highlighting the continuous efforts of the medical community in the fight against cancer.

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