Rana Sujit Singh takes claim at Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai!

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14 Apr 24
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Rana Sujit Singh takes claim at Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai!

As the drums of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections echo across the nation, the political atmosphere has suddenly turned fervent.

Every party is leaving no stone unturned to assert its dominance, fielding candidates with gusto on every seat. Rana Sujit Singh, claiming the ticket from Patna Sahib for the Congress, is currently in Mumbai. Today, he paid homage at the world-renowned Siddhivinayak Temple, seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha. He stated, "I am here in Mumbai to seek the blessings of Siddhivinayak Ganesha. I pledge to challenge the NDA government led by Narendra Modi in these elections at any cost." He further added, "This government has pushed the country behind in every aspect, be it inflation, unemployment, education, or health." Singh expressed his determination to defeat Ravishankar Prasad from Patna Sahib with a record margin this time.

He criticized leaders like Prasad, accusing them of showing no interest in the development of the region and only filling their pockets. "In this election, I have come to seek the blessings of the people of Patna Sahib and resolve their fundamental issues. I am not here just to make empty promises; I am here to showcase development and expose the corrupt policies of this NDA government to the public," he asserted. He concluded by expressing heartfelt gratitude to the people of Patna Sahib for their unwavering support.

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