Zero Budget Production House" Becomes an Instant Hit on Mask TV

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09 Jun 24
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Zero Budget Production House" Becomes an Instant Hit on Mask TV

The name itself, "Zero Budget Production House," might sound strange and intriguing, making one wonder what it is about. Is it an introduction to a new production house, or is it the actual name? Mask TV OTT platform, known for such surprising projects, released this web film under the same name on June 7. 

Mask TV has geared up to entertain viewers with a unique story, and as soon as "Zero Budget" was released, it started grabbing headlines everywhere. The platform witnessed significant traffic from its subscribers eager to watch the film. The unusual name naturally piqued viewers' curiosity, drawing them towards the project. The film has especially attracted a younger audience, who seem to be highly influenced and captivated by it.

Produced under the banner of Tag Production, "Zero Budget" is produced by Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi Bhatt. The film is written and directed by Balwinder Singh. It is a social comedy genre film, aimed at attracting the youth. Anju Bhatt, the producer, stated that their goal is to create diverse and intriguing projects that captivate people. They prioritize attracting audiences and catering to their preferences, which led to the creation of "Zero Budget." Released on the evening of June 7, "Zero Budget" is available as a Mask TV Original Series.

The film stars Balwinder Singh among other actors. Discussing the project, Mansi Bhatt, the Creative Producer of Mask TV OTT channel, mentioned that they study the varying demands of youth and entertainment enthusiasts and create projects accordingly. The channel operates entirely based on the preferences of its viewers, and "Zero Budget Production House" is a part of this approach. They hope that this film will also be well-received by the audience. This information was shared by the film's publicist, Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.

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