Attempted move to remove a temple

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10 May 24
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Attempted  move to remove a temple

Kota,  There has been uproar in the Vinoba Bhave Nagar area of the city as the principal of a private B.Ed college attempted to remove a temple from its current location. Residents and devotees strongly opposed the move, leading to a confrontation with the college authorities. Early this morning, the college management, along with some external and antisocial elements, blocked access to the temple premises. In response, locals and devotees protested against this action. The situation escalated, resulting in altercations and insults hurled at women and common citizens.

Upon receiving information about the incident, Deputy Mayor Pawan Meena, along with councilors Om Gunjal, Dhanraj Chechi, Sonu Bhil, Ram Mohan Goswami, and several residents, rushed to the scene. Police intervened to defuse the situation, and a complaint was lodged against the college administration and unknown individuals involved in the altercation.

The controversy arose as the land, on which the Shri Oankarishwar Mahadev Temple stands, was allocated to Jitendra Chaturvedi for running a private college a few years ago by the Urban Development Foundation. The temple, which has been in existence for nearly 20 years, has faced repeated attempts to encroach upon its space.

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