Pichola Ring Road Turns into Garbage Dumping Yard

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11 Dec 23
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Pichola Ring Road Turns into Garbage Dumping Yard

Udaipur, Pichola Ring Road is facing a significant issue with the extensive dumping of urban waste. The situation has escalated to the point where in some areas, the accumulation of garbage has transformed the road into a dumping ground.

On Sunday, enthusiasts visiting the lake for inspection were shocked to see a substantial amount of accumulated waste, including plastics, polythene, clothes, and various other types of garbage along Ring Road.

Dr. Anil Mehta, present during the inspection, emphasized the need to strengthen waste management in the surrounding settlements of Ring Road. He suggested providing dustbins to needy families and ensuring that the collectively collected waste is not indiscriminately dumped on Ring Road.

Tej Shankar Paliwal expressed concern that, despite continuous efforts to draw attention over the past year, Ring Road could not be made garbage-free. During the rainy season, this waste finds its way into the lake, turning it into a polluted hazard.

Nand Kishor Sharma noted that in addition to the waste along the lake shore, excessive debris and waterweed are causing problems. The stench from the decaying carcasses of animals in some areas is also causing a severe foul odor.

Kushal Raval voiced apprehension that Ring Road has effectively been declared a dumping yard. The disposal of accumulated garbage in some areas by the disposal parties, by burning it, raises concerns about environmental pollution.

Lake enthusiast Drupad Singh and University of Birmingham research scholar Kritika Singh emphasized that the disposal of waste along the lake's shores and banks poses a serious threat to public health.

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