Water Source Worship:

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03 Apr 24
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Water Source Worship:

Students of the Geography Department at Mohanlal Sukhadia University conducted a worship ceremony of the tube well located in the campus courtyard, pledging to honor and conserve the water source for the coming year. Dr. P.C. Jain, a water conservationist, urged everyone to start preparing to conserve the upcoming rainfall. He emphasized that despite having 271 lakes in Bangalore, the situation has deteriorated, and if we don't start conserving water now, we may face a situation similar to Bangalore, even though we have only eight lakes here. Therefore, it is imperative to respect and conserve water sources and limit its usage in our daily routines so that future generations can have access to water. Professor Hemant Dwivedi and Associate Professor Digvijay Bhatnagar from the College of Fine Arts also attended the event and suggested ways to conserve water to the students. The program was conducted by Dr. D.S. Chauhan. Department Head Dr. Seema Jalan expressed gratitude to everyone, stating that if we want to preserve human existence on Earth, we must conserve water.

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